Do you use Quran explorer in your ipad?

Ipad or Tabs have been a popular device at present. It has given us the ultimate pleasure as well as service to the money makers. Ipad or tab has a number of features. But the most amazing feature of it is it has a large screen and it is a kind of substitute to Laptop computer. This kind of device is now used in every part of the world. And this kind of device can be very useful for the Muslim. One can easily use Quran explorer or simply install Quran reciters and keep the emaan strong!

Reading the Quran is better than listening to music or watching a video on iPad. People and the young generation have no respect for the latest innovations. Almost all kinds of recent scientific discoveries are getting abused. We could use them in better ways.

We spend good around of time on the road while we travel to home, office or school. We can start our ipad /tab and go to a Quran explorer to read Quranic verses with meaning. You have the options of listening to the Quran frequently and participate in the Islamic communities and forums as well.

We need to be the models for the next generations. The next generations will be watching more scientific revolutions. So, if we start utilizing our devices in the best way then this is a contribution to the development of a better society.

Here is a list which can be best for your Tab:

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Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are like a large pillow case which looks like a blanket. It is used to cover the duvet or comforter. In British English, it is known as a continental quilt cover. Duvet covers come along with zippers, tie or other means to keep the duvet inside.

Purpose of Duvet Covers

The core purpose of using a duvet cover is that the price of dry cleaning a comforter is too high. This is so expensive that most of the people cannot afford or are not willing to pay such a large sum of money to get the duvets cleaned. Thus duvet covers are used so that the duvets remain clean for a longer period. Duvet covers keep the duvet fresh and these are easily washable. Most of the covers are machine washable so this reduces the extra expenditure. These are easily removable and comfortable. These covers not only save money but also create a decorative and festive look in the bedroom.

Choosing the right Fabric and Size

The most commonly used fabric for duvet covers is cotton. This ensures comfort and creates a nice decent look. This fabric also has a great breathability and are easy to care for. There are so many types of cotton covers, among which- Egyptian cotton is the best and most expensive one. Using a cotton polyester blended cover helps to keep cover wrinkle free which does not need to be ironed. Silk is luxurious and is less washable. This is quite expensive but looks great as covers by creating an elegant look. Faux suede is what feels like original suede but is actually a micro suede. This one is the most affordable and easily washable fabric for duvet covers. Velvets can be also used to make covers. These are washable and the best choice for cooler months.

Choosing the right size for duvet covers is very important as unfit cover harms the impression of a room. The duvet has to fit in the cover properly or else there is no use of using it. This will neither enhance the beauty of your room, nor will make you feel comfort. Unfit duvet covers are impossible to control and duvets often get folded inside the cover which costs a huge deal of effort and time to make it right. To fit the cover properly, you need to purchase a cover larger by 1” or 2” than that of the duvet itself.

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The New Audi Q1 SUV: Smaller Frame Bigger Goals

Audi has revealed the smallest SUV in its Q1 line-up. The new model will aim at attracting patrons of Nissan Juke and the like; all those seeking an upmarket model.

16 Audi Q1 baby SUV

The Smaller Crossover SUV – Q1

The premium car manufacturer has covered almost all numbers ranging from A1 to A8 for its car range. And now it seems that Audi, with its SUV line-up, is all geared up to follow suit. The all-new Q1 SUV marks the beginning of a new era in the Audi world.

The smaller Audi Q1 will join company’s other SUV models – Q3, Q5 and the popular Q7. The Q1 has been designed and will be marketed to grab the sales share of its closest rival, Nissan Juke. Audi will target that segment of Juke buyers who crave for something more extravagant and exclusive. The car is expected to appear in showrooms in early 2016.

The original OEM tyres that are fitted to the an Audi can be purchased from leading retailers like Tyre Shopper.  If you are looking for low cost or discounted tyres then visited National Tyres and Autocare.

This upcoming model will be released with a sportier Q2, inspired from the Crosslane Coupé introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2012.

Built and Dimensions

The baby crossover – Q1 – will be created using VW Group’s sturdy and versatile MQB platform. It will be based on MQB architecture’s smallest version, which is also being used in the 2015-due VW Polo model and 2016-due Audi A1.

The Q2 will measure 4.25m in length, 1.9m in width, 1.5m in height and sport a 2.55m long wheelbase. Q1 will be smaller with 4m length, 1.75m width and 1.57m height. These dimensions will make it a tad taller than A1 and a bit smaller than Nissan Juke.

Audi is expected to offer Quattro all-wheel drive as an option; however, most models will feature front-wheel drive as a standard.

Engine Options

The small new Q1 will share downsized versions of next A1’s engine models featuring stop-start. The range is expected to include a variant of 3-cylinder, 1.0l turbo used in the entry-level up!, a  4-cylinder 1.2l petrol and a latest 1.4l TFSI petrol employed in Audi A3 e-tron. Also, rivalling the Nissan Juke Nismo will be a range-topping 1.6l 200bhp turbo petrol engine fitted to SQ1.

Diesel options will most likely include a 1.4l TDI and a 1.6 TDI with higher power output compared to the former. Gear transmission options will include a six-speed manual offered as a standard and VW’s latest 10-speed auto DSG as an option.

Appearance, Interiors and Other Features

Q1 is expected to don a coupé-inspired, Q3-like roofline and stout side-sill cladding that will make Q1 appear as if its ride height is higher than actual. Like in A1, Audi will proffer abundant scope for customisation, including colour options for the fresh trapezoidal grille – a new Audi SUV design feature.

The interiors will sport Audi A3-inspired minimalistic design theme; expect most functions to be operated by the central screen and Audi’s MMI. Bluetooth connectivity and six-speaker hi-tech stereo will be offered as a standard. The infotainment system will come equipped with Google Maps and Internet-powered search, aimed to appeal to the urban youth. The entry-level baby crossover Q1, in SE petrol trim, will most probably be priced at a starting price of about £16,000.

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